Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

Grief is the reaction people have to any loss in their lives. It includes a wide range of responses which vary with each person, the type of loss and its meaning to them, and their particular circumstances and experiences. The death of a significant person in one’s life is a major loss, but grief can be felt about many losses.

Examples include:

  • The ending of a relationship
  • Moving or migrating
  • Losing a job, health, a pet, a role in life
  • Giving up something that mattered a lot
  • Losing a dream

When people grieve, they are coming to terms with what has changed in their lives. At the same time, they are beginning to find new ways of going about their lives to cope with the gaps that the loss has created. .

It’s important to remember however, that grieving is a natural and necessary process that most people are able to experience and emerge from in a healthy manner. However, sharing your experience with others may help you to combat the aloneness, loneliness, sadness, depression and rage that can overwhelm you. Support can also provide acceptance and a safe place to sit with your grief and your unique way of grieving.

Coping with Grief

Grief affects people physically, emotionally, psychologically and spirituality. At the same time they are expected to make major adjustments to their lives and learn new skills when they feel least able to do so. Receiving validation and permission to grieve is important in the recovery and healing process. It may be hard to believe it in the early days, but the pain does ease and thoughts about the person who has died become more comfortable and the happy memories are treasured.

How Long Will This Go On?

Grief is not an experience that has a tidy beginning, middle or end. The journey through grief is a unique and highly individual experience which can take varying periods of time. Rather than focus on a timeline, it is perhaps more helpful to focus on its intensity and duration. Numbness, yearning, anger, and despair are just some of the many and varied feelings which are experienced while grieving and progress is made as these feelings are worked through. Freud called this grief work.

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