Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling


Individual counselling can be useful at many different times in a person’s life. It can help you to gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviour as well as provide you with strategies for coping with significant changes or transitions which are causing you difficulties. This is really valuable information for change, especially in times of stress when we all find it harder to see things clearly.

Counselling may also help people who are struggling with confidence and self esteem. Often this presents itself in how you relate to others through your work, your relationships and your social life.

Whether you are aware of your self esteem or not, it is constantly present and influences all aspects of your life. Self esteem means how you value yourself, what you believe about yourself, and what you believe others think about you. It is a state of mind which is reflected in many of the things you say and do. Often self esteem is damaged by neglect or abuse at some stage in our life. Having a healthy self esteem is mostly about being at peace with yourself and having the confidence to believe in your ability to take responsibility for your desires, thoughts and actions.

Whilst making initial contact with a counsellor can seem daunting, the process of counselling gives you the chance to talk in private with a person who will really listen, try to understand you and if necessary provide you with the tools which will help you bring the desired changes into your life. It can be a great relief to talk to someone outside your situation who is non-judgemental, who will not offer advice, and who won’t be hurt or upset by what you say.

If you feel that individual counselling may be useful to you, or if you would like further information, please contact me.

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